JKW Incasso

 the only debt collector for SMEs and consumers based on:

                                    Cure, No pay          

JKW Incasso has to offer a tailor-made and free debt collecting service to both businesses and consumers, regardless of the question whether the debt gets collected or whether it turns out to be uncollectible.

 Especially to entrepreneurs JKW Incasso offers aptitude, speed and clarity. Because of our flexibility, JKW Incasso relieses you from troublesome debtors.

 If you are a consumer, in case of financial conflicts JKW Incasso provides you with proactive and adequate expert assistance. JKW Incasso will prove to be a reliable partner in conflicts either with businesses or other private persons.

 JKW Incasso takes pride in het great speed of service. In fact, if you contact us today, we can start the debt collecting procedure today!